Predictions for the Jets and Giants in 2011


Even though the Super Bowl just happened and the 2011 season is a ready to go, people are already making predictions for their favourite football teams, including the New York Jets and Giants. It is believed that the Giants will be the “Sleeper Team” this year and their 2011 Super Bowl odds are at a whopping 25:1. Based on the current roster and the team’s performance in 2010, it is predicted that the team will only win 8 games out of the 2011 season. In 2010, the Giants ranked 30th for scoring defence. However, with the addition of a new defensive coordinator, the Giants may have a chance at climbing up in those rankings. The Giants are known to have an offensive line that wears down in the later part of the season. With no major coaching changes, this trend is expected to continue, this could mean that the Giants will loose more than they win during the second half of the 2011 season.


Despite the fact that the New York Giants has one of the most talented offences in the league, the team cannot get on a winning streak. It was suggested that the team needed a new offensive coordinator, but this addition has not yet been made to the team. The team also needs youth on its side. The recruits and new players are not adding the necessary strength and stamina to the team.


The Jets are another NFL team with their home in New York, and this team seems to be the favourite. Football fans across the country often book cheap flights to New York to see the Jets in action. The question is, will the 2011 season be worth the trip? The Jets have a personality that many teams in the NFL do not possess. This does not make them cocky players; however, they do tend to be aggressive in offence and defence.


It is believed the Jets will have a good chance at being Super Bowl contenders in the 2011 season. They have the strength of running back LaDainian Tomlinson and a solid wide receiver, Santonio Holmes. As long as the defence continues to play solidly, the Jets will be a force in the league. One thing that is of concern is that in the 2011 season, the Jets will not have Darrelle Revis on the field.


Over the past few years, the team has recruited some raw talent in young players. As long as they continue to play strong through the second half of the season, this team will definitely have a seat in the play-offs. The key is to keep the defence solid. By shutting down opposing teams, the Jets will be likely to record more wins than losses. Being one of the favourite professional teams in New York, the Jets have a lot to live up to. They are seen as winners in the eyes of their fans and the team will have what it takes to go all the way as long as they stay focused and committed during every game.

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