How To Choose Men’s Running Shoes

562344637_7cbdcb7802_mChoosing the right running shoes is important, especially when just starting out as a runner. Nothing causes more discomfort than shoes that don’t fit. The problem is magnified when it comes to men’s running shoes because the difference between a good fit and a bad one isn’t just comfort versus pain; a bad fit could also lead to injuries including blisters, hammertoes, bunions, knee and/or back pain etc. Therefore, you should opt for running shoes that provide comfort as well as the proper natural dynamics for your unique foot structure.

Below are some great tips on choosing the best men’s running shoes:
Go to a specialty store, like Holabird Sports, to gain information on the varieties and brands available. Talk to the sales person about the pros and cons of each variety.
• If available, use a Brannock Device to measure your foot and arch. For accurate results, when using a Brannock device, you should always stand up straight and have someone else take the measurement for you.
• Decide if your feet overpronate, underpronate or remain neutral while running. If you overpronate your natural foot movement will roll inwards as it strikes the ground. Underpronating is an outward movement of your foot. Almost everyone pronates to some degree, if you only pronate slightly you will fall into the neutral foot category.
• Always leave at least a thumb’s width at the end of the shoe for a comfortable fit. Feet tend to swell when running or doing other various physical activities so this extra space becomes crucial.
• The best time to go shoe shopping is in the afternoon. You feet swell starting in the morning. By mid-afternoon, they have reached their largest size. Trying shoes in the afternoon will ensure that you get the proper fit.
• Don’t rely on a “break-in period.” Shoes should feel good when you first wear them. If they don’t feel good, try another pair.
• Decide what surface you plan to run on and make sure the sole and design are suitable.
• If you already run, bring along your existing pair of running shoes as the wear pattern can tell an experienced sales person exactly what you need.
• Do not select shoes by appearance, color, or price, this could result in a bad fit which we learned earlier could cause injury.
• Visit the store during a quiet or a non-weekend day. This will allow you to take your time and will make it easier for a specialist to give you their full attention.

Types of feet
To find the best fitting men’s running shoes, it is important to know what type of feet you have. A simple way to know your feet is to stand on sand and/or on paper with wet feet. For more information on this check the Holabird Wet Test Video. The various types of feet include:

Normal (Medium Arch)
This is the most common type of foot and less prone to injuries. This means that you have a wide range of running shoes to choose from. Having a “normal” foot means that you have a moderately high arch and your foot may pronate some. A stability shoe is probably best, but some lightweight runners with this foot type can use a neutral shoe as well.

Flat Feet (Low or No Arch)
It is rare to have no arch at all, but having a low arch is not uncommon. Flat feet tend to pronate excessively, or overpronate. This results in too much foot movement and increases the risk of injuries. For lightweight runners, a stability shoe may be alright, but most people with flat feet need the extra support of a motion control shoe.

High Arch
Feet with high arches tend to be rigid and will underpronate. Some feet with high arches actually supinate. Since high arches are usually more rigid, more shock from impact travels up the legs. People with high arches should wear a neutral shoe. This foot type should avoid stability or motion control shoes.

Taking care of your running shoes
• Do not tie the shoes too tightly.
• Wear well fitting shoes.
• Alternate between two pairs to allow the cushioning to fully decompress.
• Replace your shoes every 400-500 miles.

Picking up the right men’s running shoes can be a difficult task, given the varieties and options available. For the widest range of running shoes, visit www.holabirdsports.com. Holabird Sports has a long track record of serving satisfied clients with its extensive range of sportswear and its competitive pricing.

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