Predictions for the Jets and Giants in 2011


Even though the Super Bowl just happened and the 2011 season is a ready to go, people are already making predictions for their favourite football teams, including the New York Jets and Giants. It is believed that the Giants will be the “Sleeper Team” this year and their 2011 Super Bowl odds are at a whopping 25:1. Based on the current roster and the team’s performance in 2010, it is predicted that the team will only win 8 games out of the 2011 season. In 2010, the Giants ranked 30th for scoring defence. However, with the addition of a new defensive coordinator, the Giants may have a chance at climbing up in those rankings. The Giants are known to have an offensive line that wears down in the later part of the season. With no major coaching changes, this trend is expected to continue, this could mean that the Giants will loose more than they win during the second half of the 2011 season.


Despite the fact that the New York Giants has one of the most talented offences in the league, the team cannot get on a winning streak. It was suggested that the team needed a new offensive coordinator, but this addition has not yet been made to the team. The team also needs youth on its side. The recruits and new players are not adding the necessary strength and stamina to the team.


The Jets are another NFL team with their home in New York, and this team seems to be the favourite. Football fans across the country often book cheap flights to New York to see the Jets in action. The question is, will the 2011 season be worth the trip? The Jets have a personality that many teams in the NFL do not possess. This does not make them cocky players; however, they do tend to be aggressive in offence and defence.


It is believed the Jets will have a good chance at being Super Bowl contenders in the 2011 season. They have the strength of running back LaDainian Tomlinson and a solid wide receiver, Santonio Holmes. As long as the defence continues to play solidly, the Jets will be a force in the league. One thing that is of concern is that in the 2011 season, the Jets will not have Darrelle Revis on the field.


Over the past few years, the team has recruited some raw talent in young players. As long as they continue to play strong through the second half of the season, this team will definitely have a seat in the play-offs. The key is to keep the defence solid. By shutting down opposing teams, the Jets will be likely to record more wins than losses. Being one of the favourite professional teams in New York, the Jets have a lot to live up to. They are seen as winners in the eyes of their fans and the team will have what it takes to go all the way as long as they stay focused and committed during every game.

Orlando Predators in 2010

The Orlando Predators opened their 19th season in the Arena Football League in 2010/ Coached by Pat O’Hara, Orlando played the home games at Amway Arena and successfully cinched a play-off seed at the end of the season. The team finished fourth overall in the season with a final record of eight wins and eight losses. During the first playoff game, the Predators beat the Jacksonville Sharks with a score of 73-69. The next game was against Tampa Bay, where the Predators faced their rival team for the third time in the season. However, this is where their journey ended and they lost the game with a score of 62-63.


The predators did not play their opening game during the first week of the season. Instead, they faced the Battle Wings in week two. Losing the first three games of the season was disheartening for fans, but the Predators turned things around on May 7 with a win against the Dallas Vigilantes. They went on to win three straight games before facing their rival team for the first time in the season. By the 9th game in the season, the Predators were 3-4.


The second half of the season was not as exciting. The team managed to pull out a few wins at home, but fell short when playing Chicago, Cleveland and Milwaukee. Devoted fans continued to support the team through the low points of the season and were rewarded with a final season win over the Tampa Bay Storm. The only thing that would have made the season better was if that final win occurred on their home field.


Coming out of the regular season with an 8-8 record placed the team in the play-offs. Winning the first game was a milestone, but the team did not have the stamina to go all the way. They dropped the second playoff game to Tampa and closed the season.


Though Arena Football is not as popular as the NFL, people are still finding cheap flights to Orlando to take in the action of the Predators. The team has some die-hard fans that have been supporting them for the past 19 years.


The highlight of the season actually occurred in the playoff game against Tampa when TT Toliver caught seven touchdowns, setting a team record. While this was something to celebrate, the highlight came to a screeching halt when the team lost the game by a single point. Without the win, the record-breaking catches will probably go unnoticed in future seasons.


This final game for the Predators was in fact the most exciting, coming to a nail biting end. When a game is only separated by a few points, every second counts. The Predator fans were on their feet during the final minutes of the game, only to go home with their heads hung after suffering a narrow loss to the rival team.


Throughout the season, the team struggled to find momentum and this affected their post-season play. Dropping a key game to a rival team makes for great news headlines, but it was devastating to fans.

AO 2010: Federer, Djokovic and Davydenko Through

Australian Open TennisRoger Federer wasted no time in his 99 minute match against Victor Hanescu, defeating him in three sets, 6-2,6-3,6-2. Nikolay Davydenko records his 11th winning streak against Ukranian Illya Marchenko 6-3,6-3,6-0. Marcos Baghdatis from Cyprus took down the 17th seed David Federer in a five set thriller, coming back from two sets down, 4-6,3-6,7-6,6-3,6-1. Fernando Verdasco also had clean round, defeating Ivan Sergeyev in straight sets 6-1,6-2,6-3. World number three Novak Djokovic is also through to the 3rd round after defeating Marco Chuidinelli in four sets 3-6,6-1,6-1,6-3.

Australian Open Marks New Tennis Season

TENNIS-OPEN-AUSAnd the tennis season has begun again with nothing less than a grand slam. Sure everyone recalls last year’s Australian Open with Federer’s tearful acknowledgement of Rafa’s victory. Well no one anticipated the turn of events to come. Rafa went on a title drought, fraught with injury, the King of Clay could not secure a single win after Rome in May. And its been quite a journey ever since for Mr. Federer, who despite predictions that he may never be able to win a grand slam again, went on to win the Wimbledon and French Open back to back. He broke the grand slam record of all time, winning no less than 15. With the dawn of a new decade one begins to wonder if the Federer Nadal days of domination has come to end. Nadal has surged into the third round today with clean 6-2, 6-2, 6-2 match against Slovakian Lukas Lacko. Federer is also through to his next round after defeating Igor Andreev in four sets, 4-6,6-2,7-6,6-0. Del Potro, Murray and Roddick are also through. Robin Soderling lost in five sets to Marcel Granollers in the biggest upset of the tournament so far.

NFL, MLB Personalized Sports Signs are Great Gifts for Groomsmen

gc188If you really want to thank your groomsman for being with you during the most important event of your life, make him feel honored by gifting him personalized National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) sports signs. These sports signs are great gifts for groomsmen if they love playing baseball and football.

Gift Major League Baseball and National Football League sports signs

They can put up the signs on the walls of their room or can put up the wall hangings outside their personal pubs as a shingle. If you are gifting an MLB sports sign to the man who was the best man at your wedding, you are making a good choice. MLB sports signs will ignite his passion for American baseball.

In case, your friend adores football, you know the best gift for him – an NFL sports sign. Sports signs of NFL teams from Buffalo Bills to Seattle Seahawks are available; you can make a good choice. If your groomsman is football crazy, give him this gift. I can assure you he will love it.

Personalize the sports signs with the first and the last names of your groomsmen, and you can also have the year of establishment of the sports league on the gift. Let me tell you that the sports signs are usually gloss-printed directly on a wooden base. These sports wall hangings can come with a special 3D effect to make it look more attractive.

You can either go with the classic shape of the sports signs or can get some other design. The design can be based on your choice or you can ask your groomsman for his choice.

The sports signs or pub signs are ready to be hung on walls. You can look online and choose the best one for your best man; you can choose a sports sign according to his tastes and can also get the prices and measurements of the sports signs.

How To Choose Men’s Running Shoes

562344637_7cbdcb7802_mChoosing the right running shoes is important, especially when just starting out as a runner. Nothing causes more discomfort than shoes that don’t fit. The problem is magnified when it comes to men’s running shoes because the difference between a good fit and a bad one isn’t just comfort versus pain; a bad fit could also lead to injuries including blisters, hammertoes, bunions, knee and/or back pain etc. Therefore, you should opt for running shoes that provide comfort as well as the proper natural dynamics for your unique foot structure.

Below are some great tips on choosing the best men’s running shoes:
Go to a specialty store, like Holabird Sports, to gain information on the varieties and brands available. Talk to the sales person about the pros and cons of each variety.
• If available, use a Brannock Device to measure your foot and arch. For accurate results, when using a Brannock device, you should always stand up straight and have someone else take the measurement for you.
• Decide if your feet overpronate, underpronate or remain neutral while running. If you overpronate your natural foot movement will roll inwards as it strikes the ground. Underpronating is an outward movement of your foot. Almost everyone pronates to some degree, if you only pronate slightly you will fall into the neutral foot category.
• Always leave at least a thumb’s width at the end of the shoe for a comfortable fit. Feet tend to swell when running or doing other various physical activities so this extra space becomes crucial.
• The best time to go shoe shopping is in the afternoon. You feet swell starting in the morning. By mid-afternoon, they have reached their largest size. Trying shoes in the afternoon will ensure that you get the proper fit.
• Don’t rely on a “break-in period.” Shoes should feel good when you first wear them. If they don’t feel good, try another pair.
• Decide what surface you plan to run on and make sure the sole and design are suitable.
• If you already run, bring along your existing pair of running shoes as the wear pattern can tell an experienced sales person exactly what you need.
• Do not select shoes by appearance, color, or price, this could result in a bad fit which we learned earlier could cause injury.
• Visit the store during a quiet or a non-weekend day. This will allow you to take your time and will make it easier for a specialist to give you their full attention.

Types of feet
To find the best fitting men’s running shoes, it is important to know what type of feet you have. A simple way to know your feet is to stand on sand and/or on paper with wet feet. For more information on this check the Holabird Wet Test Video. The various types of feet include:

Normal (Medium Arch)
This is the most common type of foot and less prone to injuries. This means that you have a wide range of running shoes to choose from. Having a “normal” foot means that you have a moderately high arch and your foot may pronate some. A stability shoe is probably best, but some lightweight runners with this foot type can use a neutral shoe as well.

Flat Feet (Low or No Arch)
It is rare to have no arch at all, but having a low arch is not uncommon. Flat feet tend to pronate excessively, or overpronate. This results in too much foot movement and increases the risk of injuries. For lightweight runners, a stability shoe may be alright, but most people with flat feet need the extra support of a motion control shoe.

High Arch
Feet with high arches tend to be rigid and will underpronate. Some feet with high arches actually supinate. Since high arches are usually more rigid, more shock from impact travels up the legs. People with high arches should wear a neutral shoe. This foot type should avoid stability or motion control shoes.

Taking care of your running shoes
• Do not tie the shoes too tightly.
• Wear well fitting shoes.
• Alternate between two pairs to allow the cushioning to fully decompress.
• Replace your shoes every 400-500 miles.

Picking up the right men’s running shoes can be a difficult task, given the varieties and options available. For the widest range of running shoes, visit www.holabirdsports.com. Holabird Sports has a long track record of serving satisfied clients with its extensive range of sportswear and its competitive pricing.

Magic In NBA Finals

3570688048_0fbd70435cThe Orlando Magic have defeated the Cleaveland Cavaliers to advance to the NBA Finals and face the Los Angeles Lakers. The 103-90 victory in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals allows Magic to make their first appearance in an NBA finals since 1995. Dwight Howard scored a magnificent 40 points and Rashard Lewis added in 18 points for the Nuggets. The Magic also hit twelve 3-pointers during the game. League MVP LeBron James of the Cavaliers only managed 25 points in what many regard as his worst game of the series.

Roland Garros Day 7

3576365823_77a0cbb56c_mJo-Wilfried Tsonga (9), Roger Federer(2), Andy Roddick(6), Gael Monfils(11), Tommy Haas, Philipp Kohlschreiber(29) and Juan Martin Del Potro are into the 4th round at Roland Garros. Fourth seed Novak Djokovic was upset by Philipp Kohlschreiber(29) in a three set match 6-4,6-4,6-4. Top seeds of women’s tennis, Serena Williams(2), and Jelena Jankovic(5) also made it to round 4.

Lakers Into NBA Finals

3578809853_6a3251a53cThe Los Angeles Lakers have made it to the NBA finals upon defeating the Denver Nuggets in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals, 119-92. Kobe Bryant spearheaded the effort of avoiding a 7th game in the series and contributed 35 points to the total. The Lakers scored a perfect 24 out 24 of their free throws. Carmelo Anthony netted 25 points for the Nuggets. The Lakers led by 5, 8, 3 and 11 points in the four quarters respectively.

Roland Garros Day 6

3577091703_2b8e4a79f0Fernando Gonzalez(12), Rafael Nadal(1), Novak Djokovic(4), Andy Murray(3), Victor Hanescu(30), Fernando Verdasco(8) and Robin Soderling(23) have succeeded to the 4th round at Roland Garros. Nadal defeated Australian favourite Lleyton Hewitt 6-1,6-3,6-1. Robin Soderling upset 14th ranked David Ferrer.